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Alliance of Musicians & Performers

The AMPband Team AMPband is a Membership Organisation supporting Musicians, Singers & Bands across the UK where benefits include:
£10m Musician Public Liability Insurance, Member Discounts, Free Web Hosting, Extra Client Enquiries, Advice & Support plus much more - all from just £49 a year.

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How Much Does It Cost?

AMPband membership fees are based on the number of performers & road/support crew in the Act/Band: How much is membership of AMPband?
Soloist £49   4 or 5 members £69   
Duo £49   6 - 10 members £79
Trio £59   11 - 16 members £89
These prices are fully inclusive for the Act (eg one payment of £69 will cover a full band of up to 5 members) and it includes free £10m Musicians Public Liability Insurance for a full year.
For your instant free quote enter your band size here.Need PLI for just one night? Read our advice here.
Need PLI Fast?

Registration to AMPband is instant and all the benefits, including free £10m PLI cover, are available as soon as payment has been made.

A certificate of cover is provided in your members area as soon as your membership is activated (usually within seconds after payment).

You can print off or save your certificate as a PDF to show venues & clients.

£10 million PLI

Our Public Liability Insurance is underwritten by a consortium led by ArgoGlobal SE and it covers you worldwide too!

Members' Public Liability Insurance is administered by Hencilla Canworth Ltd. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 226263

Benefits of AMPband membership include:

• £10m Public Liability Insurance Cover*
• £250,000 Legal Cover
• £10m Product Liability Cover
• Client Enquiries for Jobs
• Sample Risk Assessments / Booking Forms
• Member Support
• Covers Full Band
• Easy to Join
• Instant PLI Cover
• Generous Renewal Discounts for Recommending Us

*PLI Cover includes:
• Sale of Merchandise
• Overseas Tours

*PLI Cover does not include:
• Event organisation
• Cover for your own equipment

Exemption to Membership:
Annual income (from insured activities)  must not exceed £85,000

What Our Members Say

"I'm really happy with ampband membership. The website comes across as very friendly and is easy to follow. It makes a refreshing change to come across a business that really wants to help musicians and performers. I would like to thank the entire ampband team for providing such a great service! Keep it up! "

 "I generally do a lot of research before committing to most things in this industry so was fully aware of the services you guys provide before signing up so I would say I'm getting what I expected which is great."

"In just converting 1 enquiry to a booking we are defo getting more than we expected! The real test will come if we ever have to use the Liability insurance I guess!"

Crazy Horses, East Yorkshire