PLI Cover for Singers & Bands with AMPband

Policy Summary
  • £10,000,000 Public & Product Liability Insurance cover for 12 months is included with membership and is for the named member plus members of the named act when performing together.
  • A Member Certificate and supporting documents will be available to you (usually within minutes of joining) which will include your name & address, membership number and dates of membership.
  • The PLI Policy Cover and Sums Insured can be read here (includes links to the Policy Summary & Full Policy Document).
  • Individuals should ensure that they meet the criteria of AMPband membership (including the conditions for PLI cover) before applying to join and notify AMPband if those circumstances change.
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  • Our PLI policy covers the activities of insured musicians normally residing in the UK and it includes tours overseas, however for North America cover reduces to £5m and the Insurers will not pay the first £2,500 of any claim arising (i.e. United States of America or Canada or their territories or possessions or Puerto Rico).
  • There are exclusions to cover which include the use of pyrotechnics, fire, any event organisation, the provision of any security at any event, player to player injuries, the erection by the Insured of any temporary grandstands or similar type structure etc. This list is not exhaustive and the full policy document can be viewed here.
  • Even if you have PLI, preventing incidents and accidents should always be a primary concern and we provide some useful Health & Safety advice here.
  • Income from your insured activity (ie playing in a band) must not exceed £85,000 per annum.

The full summary (PDF) can be read here or viewed here as a webpage