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When we asked our two resident experts - Dave, who works for one of the major speaker manufacturers and Dave, who has been performing in bands for over 40 years what we should call this useful information page they both said 'Why not ask Dave?'. We're not sure if this is what they meant but welcome to 'Ask Dave!'

Membership Questions

Joining us is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can start by selecting the number of members in your band here.

If you need help then there's an advice page for joining here

The easiest way to get a quote is to select how many members are in the band from this link. You will then be provided with an immediate quotation with no obligation.

If it's the same line-up but you change the name at the request of an agent or venue then we can supply another member certficate with the alternative name(s). Simply get in touch by email after joining and we can help with this at no extra charge.

You to make changes to the line up of your band at any time during the year, as often as you need and at no extra cost.

Simply login to the members area and click the 'Update Your Details' button.

Read more here.

If you require a DBS Check (formerly CRB) to allow you to work in certain venues, at specific events or to teach music then, provided you are a fully paid-up member of AMPband, we can help you to apply for one (a fee is payable).

Read more here

The period of membership to The Alliance of Musicians & Performers is for 12 months. At the end of that time you can choose to extend, cancel or simply not renew your membership.

Yes you can - our phone lines are manned from lunchtime right through until the evening. You can reach us on 0333 577 2247 and if it's outside these hours or the lines are busy just leave a message and we'll call you back (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages).

You can also request a call-back by completing the form here.

Yes you can - simply call us on 0333 577 2247 with your card details (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages). If the lines are busy just leave your name and phone number and we'll call you back or you can request a call-back by completing the form here.

We will handle your personal details with care, we are PCI compliant and we are also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under registration reference: ZA065005

This is deemed a 'Business to Business (B2B)' transaction under the distance selling regulations. Refunds less an admin fee will only be made if the full PLI Documents have not been issued (in most cases these are issued immediately upon payment).

PLI Questions

By joining AMPband you will have your cover and Member Certificate within minutes of registering. As soon as your payment is made you will find everything you need to either print off or receive as a PDF within the AMPband Members Area.

You can join us here.

Many venues now insist that any 3rd party contractors (such as bands, musicians, even window cleaners) who work at their premises have their own liability cover. If you cause damage to property or if your equipment injures a guest or member of staff, you could be liable. PLI covers you for these eventualities. As Band Public Liability Insurance is so cheap these days it's well worth having.


Our PLI (provided free with membership) covers the named band and the members of it (as listed on the registration form). If you are also a member of a different band then the PLI wouldn't cover that one too. You can register the 2nd band as a separate entity and receive a referral credit of £15 too.


If the other members of the band don’t have PLI then there is not adequate insurance in place even if you are individually insured and a "claim could be messy". It's also doubtful that venues would accept confirmation of cover that didn’t state either the bands name or that all of the members were collectively insured.

If you are looking for public liability Insurance to cover an orchestra, it's quick and easy to register as a member of AMPband. You automatically get £10 million PLI cover for your orchestra.


As a member of the Alliance of Musicians & Performers (AMPband) our Public Liability Insurance will cover you for teaching music too.


Sorry, we don't do short term/one night PLI or weekend cover because it's just not cost effective for you.

Before you consider taking out short term PLI cover read our advice here...

Although some pubs and clubs might be willing to allow you to play with just £5 million PLI, there are many more that will insist on you having £10 million. This is the maximum available (and the only amount that AMPband provides).

Read more here...

The policy excludes the use of motor vehicles where compulsory insurance is required. Whenever the vehicle is on a road or other public place, including if only parked, it is subject to the compulsory insurance provisions of the Road Traffic Act and must be insured by an appropriate Motor Insurance policy providing at least Third Party liability cover. Note that a public place includes private land that the public have access to.

Given the nature of the usage, the vehicle will always be parked in a public place whilst performing and therefore anything connected to the vehicle itself will need to covered as part of the vehicle’s motor insurance policy. It should be stressed that the owner of the vehicle would need to inform their insurer of what they are using the vehicle for.

Any liability arising out of their performance which is not subject to the RTA compulsory insurance requirements would still be insured under the policy as normal.

We've had a number of claims made on the AMPband policy over the last few years totalling well over £½ million*.

Most of these claims were paid out without issue, however some were frustrated and delayed. Looking back over these claims we can offer the following advice...

No. Band PLI only covers claims made against you in respect of damage to third party property and persons where you have used your equipment. To insure your band equipment look in the members area under 'Additional Benefits' for an exclusive great discount deal with Insure4Music.

Band / Musician Questions

It's always good to meet up with fellow musicians. Organising an acoustic night or jam session can be a great and fun way for you all to share your talents with other musicians and members of the public. Where do you start? Here's some tips to point you in the right direction.

Read more advice here.

There is no requirement for an artiste to buy a licence to play covers.

The venue has to pay for a licence from the Performing Rights Society (PRS) from which royalties are distributed to the artistes they deem are being covered.

If you want to record a covers CD and stay within copyright law then you should obtain a licence from The Performing Rights Society.

Read more advice here.

So how do you find a new band suitable for your talents? There's a number of options available...

Read more advice here.

So you want to try your hand at Busking? It can be fun and you can earn a bit of extra money.

Here's some things to consider...

If you experience drop-out or interference from your in-ear monitor or radio microphone then it could be due to the frequency you are using.

See our advice here...

Business, Health & Safety Advice

Performing outside can be fun but it does bring up a number of issues that need to be considered and taken into account.

This advice has been compiled from our own experiences...

We live in a world of ever increasing claim awareness and have developed quite a cynical blame culture in the UK. However, just because someone hurts themselves (or even claims they have), does not necessarily mean that liability will attach and, even if it does, the injured party bears no responsibility themselves. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves we simply need to make sure that we have taken all reasonable steps to prevent accidents occurring due to negligence.

Read our advice here...

"I have recently updated my lights and was alarmed to receive an IEC (Kettle) lead with a shielded Earth pin"

Read the full story here...

If you earn money from your music, whether full or part-time, then you should be registered as self employed with HMRC and will need to complete a self assessment tax return.

Read our advice here...

Want more bookings in 2024? Here's some ideas that will help you to achieve this goal. Some can be implemented within minutes, others will take a bit longer but the results will be worthwhile.

Read our tips here...

What do you do if a visiting band, live act, singer or tribute act turns up at your venue without Public Liability Insurance?

Read our advice here...

How easy is it to be a wedding band? Very easy! Just play good music and ensure you have all the classic covers in your repertoire. But you also need to stand out from your competitors.

There are lots of ways to do this...

Adding videos on your website is a great way to show potential clients what you can do as a band.

Here's some tips...

If your iPhone displays "this email has no content" then the problem can occur when using IMAP and the user opens the message before it has been fully downloaded or read from the mail server.

How to fix it...

Are emails from us going into your Junk Folder?

Unfortunately, this is a 'feature' of free email accounts and not an issue with the system in general.

There are ways to minimise this though...

Every year more & more people use a mobile device to find things on-line. If your website is not up to the job then you could lose out on these potential clients as they look elsewhere for what they need.

There are just two things required to make a web site mobile friendly - size and speed....

Is this a paperless industry? Do you correspond by telephone alone? Do we really need pieces of paper floating around?

Here we investigate the virtues of paperwork

Visitors to your website are usually looking for information. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a great way to enable them to quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Here are some ideas to consider...