AMPband - Checking Your Website for Errors

Tips for Checking Your Band Website for Coding Errors

Checking you Website for errorsIs Your Website Working as well as you think it is?

As well as making sure that it works on both mobile & desktop devices and that it's not too slow, what else can you check?

One place to check for coding errors etc on your site is in your error_log file

You'll find this in your hosting file manager along with all your other web pages.

You can download this as a text file and then go through the errors and rectify them as required.

Look specifically for errors that repeat themseleves on a regular basis as these indicate that there's something not quite right in your coding rather than a one off visitor glitch.

Once you've solved the faults clear the error_log file of its content (but leave the empty file there) so that next time you check it you'll only get the latest errors (if any, after fixing the previous ones).

You may also find additional error_log files in your sub folders so don't forget to check these out too.

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Good luck

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