Find a New Band or Find New Band Members

Find a New Band or Find New Band Members

Join a BandAre You A Musician Looking for a Band?

You've rehearsed and now you're ready; or the band you're currently in is going to split up and you're looking for a new challenge.

So how do you find a new band suitable for your talents?

There's a number of options available...

  1. Putting a postcard in the local music shop window may seem old skool but it's one place where bands visit frequently. You need to specify the musical instrument(s) you play and the genres, plus of course a contact phone number!

  2. There are hundreds of on-line music and band forums plus at least as many Facebook groups out there. Some groups target a specific geographical area whilst others are nationwide. The latter usually limit themselves to a specific genre or instrument.

    So a bit of internet searching and you'll soon have a list of suitable places to advertise your wares. Some pages require an admin to approve your request to join but just go for it! Within no time you could join a band that suits your talents.

  3. Go along to a local acoustic night or jam session. You'll get to know local musicians and show off your talents too. Once you're known in the area you could be called upon as a dep and from there into a permanent position.

Are You a Band Looking for a Musician to Join You?
  1. The advice above applies to bands looking for a new member too!

  2. If you have several applicants consider setting up an audition session in a local venue for them all. As well as being talented, you'll also need to make sure you get on with the new potential member.

  3. A visit to a local jam session may be just the place to find a suitable new band member.
Good luck!

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