AMPband - How to Join and Receive PLI Cover

How do I join AMPband and receive free Public Liability Insurance?

You can reach the first sign-up page by clicking the 'Join Us' tab at the top of any page or by clicking here:

Select how many members are in your band (1). If there's more than 16 members use the link below that panel to go to an alternative page.

Joining AMPband

The top part of the next page (shown below) will confirm the number of members you have chosen and the full price of membership for 1 year. If this requires changing click the link to return to the previous page.

Register with AMPband

Fill in your name and the name of your act, your email address twice (this is to ensure that it is 100% accurate), the names of other members of your band, your address and phone number, your chosen login name (no spaces) and password, how you found out about us (use the 5 digit referral number here if you have one), click to confirm acceptance of our T&Cs then click the bar to access the members area.

Register with AMPband

*We strongly advise that you choose a login name and password which is not associated with other internet sites you may use such as PayPal, on-line banking, Amazon, eBay etc.

After login there are further help pages if required to take you through the rest of the sign-up procedure. You can always contact us here or phone 0333 577 2247 if necessary (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages).

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