Organising Jam Sessions and Acoustic Nights

How to Organise an Acoustic Night or Jam Session in your area

Organising a Jam sessionIt's always good to meet up with fellow musicians. Organising an acoustic night or jam session can be a great and fun way for you all to share your talents with other musicians and members of the public. Where do you start? Here's some tips to point you in the right direction.


The first task is to find a suitable venue for these evenings. Ideally a pub with ample parking and perhaps a separate room. A stage is not a necessity but would be an added bonus.

Approach the manager with your idea and offer to bring in regular additional customers on a mid-week evening in return for free use of the room. As the evenings develop and the attendance figures go up you could also ask them to cover the additional expenses of running the evenings.


Have some flyers printed and pass these around to your colleagues and anyone else you know in the business. Leave some with the venue too.

Create a Facebook page and invite all your friends (& their friends).

Organising the Evening

The first one may be a bit 'ad-hoc'. You won't be sure how many musicians will turn up, their styles or ability. The important thing is that everyone is given the opportunity to be involved at some point. The length of each set will be largely determined by the number of participants. Mix and match for interesting, and sometimes surprising, results.

Keep it Going

The most successful nights are those which are kept at the same venue and on the same evening each week. It doesn't take long for word to get around and before you know it you'll have quite a following.

PLI Cover

Please note that the PLI cover we provide is only for the named members of that act. If you are organising an event then you may need specific insurance - for advice please contact Hencilla Canworth on 020 8686 5050.

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