AMPband Joining Advice - I Play in More Than One Band

I Play in More than One Band - Does My PLI Cover All of Them?

Our PLI (provided free with membership) covers the named band* and the members of it (as listed on the registration form) as an entity. If you are also a member of a different band then I'm afraid the PLI wouldn't cover that one too.

The options the insurers gave us were:

A. Each player joins as an individual for the cover to be valid (the same as many other policies). This would work out at approximately £50 per member ie £250 for a five piece band


B. The whole band could be covered under one policy with one key player and the band name registered (as the constant) with the other members listed - (plus the opportunity to amend the additional members if the line-up changed during the year). This works out at £69 for a five piece band.

As the second option was much, much cheaper and it was preferred by our members, that was the one we chose.

We do have a number of existing members who play in different bands and they have therefore registered each one separately. For two 5 piece bands (with one player common to both) membership works out at just 2 x £69 (£138) rather than 9 x £50 (£450) if each player had to register individually (or even more from some other PLI providers).

The PLI certificate provided to our members will show the name and address of the registered member, the name of the band, group or act and the number of members in that registered act.

Whilst the other members of the band/group are not listed on the certificate they are listed on our database and can also be checked by entering the certificate number here.

Q: I am a solo vocalist and I also work in a trio and sometimes as part of a duo. How can I take out insurance to cover all these different situations?

A: Our membership & PLI covers the act as an entity (with each member recorded on our database - including changes to the line-up during the year).

If you took out the cover for the trio (and your name was on the certificate) then, as a bonus, it would also cover you as a soloist (but not the other members of the trio if they performed outside of the trio).

If the duo you are in also consisted of another member of the same trio then you would still be covered.

If the second person in the duo is not named as a member of the trio then you would need a separate membership for the duo.

If any other members of the trio also performed as soloists or in other bands then they would need to take out separate membership for these bands or as soloists.

You can always contact us here or Tel: 0333 577 2247 if you require more information (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages).

*The named band is a group of musicians, performing at the same time, in the same place as one group.

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