I Need PLI for One Night

Need One-Off PLI for an Event?

PLI for a one-off eventSo you need PLI cover for a one off event?

Before you part with your hard earned cash, a question for you...

Do you perform at more than one event a year?

If you do then why get cover for just one when you can be covered for all of them!

"Because this is the only venue that has asked for it."

Fair enough but if a claim was made against you at another venue (which didn't specifically ask for it) what would you do?

The cheapest on-line quote we've found for £10m PLI cover for a one-off event is £52. If, a few months down the line, another venue asks for PLI then that's another £52 and in the meantime all the other events you perform at are not covered which means that you could be personally liable for any claims made against you.

So why not get covered for a full year and have done with it?

Our prices for membership start at just £59.99 for a soloist or duo, £74.99 for a 4/5 piece band and not much more for larger groups.

You can check our membership prices and compare them right here (our membership with free £10m PLI cover is for a full year).

PS Sorry we don't do short term/one night PLI or weekend cover because it's just not cost effective for you.

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