Public Liability Insurance Levels of Cover

PLI Levels of Cover

What level of PLI coverHow Much PLI Do I Need?

When you first start your search for PLI for your band you’ll find most companies offer a choice of £1million, £2million and £5 million cover.

Is this enough? Will all venues be happy to accept this?

The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘NO’!

Although some pubs and clubs might be willing to allow you to play with just £5 million PLI, there are many more that will insist on you having £10 million. This is the maximum available (and the only amount that AMPband provides).

There have been numerous examples where hotels (especially the large chains), stately homes and many local councils have refused entry to a band with less than £10 million PLI.

Taking out a lower amount of PLI initially could be a false economy and work out more expensive in the long run. If part of the way through the year a venue insists that you increase your PLI to be able to perform at their establishment, it might not be as easy as you may think.

Many companies do not even offer the higher amount which some venues require so you would be forced to move to another organisation and have the added expenditure of a brand new policy.

Here at AMPband we have experienced this very scenario which is why our membership only includes the highest amount of £10 million PLI as standard. In many cases you'll also find that our annual membership fee which includes free £10m PLI is actually cheaper than lesser cover elsewhere.

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£10 million Public Liability Insurance cover is activated immediately after payment.

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