Do Cover Bands need a PRS Licence?

Do Cover Bands Need a Licence?

PRS for MusicThere is no requirement for an artiste to buy a licence to play covers.

The venue has to pay for a licence from the Performing Rights Society (PRS) from which royalties are distributed to the artistes they deem are being covered.

If you want to record a covers CD and stay within copyright law then you should obtain a licence from The Performing Rights Society.

You fill in a form obtained from PRS listing the songs, the writers and the publishing company (all easily found on the original artiste media). You then state how many in total you will be "pressing" and the price you will be selling them for less a promotional amount of CD's. You are required to pay the invoice they send you upfront of any sales. Go to their website for more info.

If you are organising an event yourself at a 'non-licensed' premises then contact PRS for further advice.

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