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I'm Experiencing 'Drop-Out' & interference with my In Ear Monitor.

Radio Mic & IEM frequenciesWhich channel are you on?

Channel 69 is being sold off by the Government for use by mobile phone operators and the new 4G networks.

This will effect radio microphones and In Ear Monitors (IEMs).

Most UHF radio mics & IEMs sold in the UK (until last year) were set to either channel 69 (854 - 862Mhz) or channel 70 (863 - 865Mhz).

Channel 70 is a licence free part of the spectrum and will continue to be so, however as it is free (& very narrow at just 2Mhz) it is likely to become congested with increased usage and so liable to interference.

Radio mics & IEMs set to the channel 69 band will no longer work as the signal will be blocked out by the 4G traffic. It is likely that many of these will be re-tuned to channel 70, adding to the congestion.

Radio microphones & IEMs now sold in the UK are configured to work on the new 'shared licence' channel 38 (606 - 614Mhz).

A shared licence lasts 1 year, costs £75 and can be used nationwide. Anyone else in the area with a shared licence has equal rights to the same frequencies.

This new equipment will not be usable on the licence free channel 70.

It is still possible to buy channel 70 equipment and avoid the need to obtain a licence however the notes above on interference should be taken into account.

For more information go to the Joint Frequency Management Group website.

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