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Ways to Improve Your Bookings & Earnings

Wedding Band BrideHow easy is it to be a wedding band?

Very easy! Just play good music and ensure you have all the classic covers in your repertoire. But you also need to stand out from your competitors and there's lots of ways to do this (see below).

Why would you want to perform at weddings?

There are many reasons!

  • The available budget for a wedding is often a lot higher than for other types of events.
  • You have a captive and appreciative audience ready and waiting to hear you perform.
  • Perform well and you’ll soon get noticed by the venue and guests who are your potential future customers; your bookings could increase considerably.
What can you do extra to stand out from other good bands?

As well as being able to play a good selection of classic covers, there’s several other areas that could make you stand out; rapport with the bridal party, other suppliers & vendors and interaction with the guests.

The biggest worry for a bride is their entertainment turning up. So on arrival, why not let them know you are there and even take them a wedding card to say congratulations. This small gesture will immediately put you on good terms with the happy couple.

Brides often book their entertainment months in advance of the date. Keeping in contact, especially in the run up to the big day, will put their minds at rest.

Guests at a wedding not only want to hear and dance to good music, they also want to be entertained. Can you get them singing along with you, or doing a particular movement to a song? Is there something you could incorporate into your set that involves audience participation?

If there are other suppliers booked for the evening such as a DJ, photographer, videographer, photo booth, work with them as you have a collective goal of creating the best evening ever for your clients. Contacting them before the event can be very positive and help to create a good working relationship for the benefit of all involved.

Here's a Bonus One!

Most prestige Wedding Venues will insist that any visiting performers have their own Public Liability Insurance cover. Joining AMPband will ensure that you won't be prevented from accepting the booking or performing...

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