Band PLI, Musician Public Liability Insurance, Singer PLI Free with Membership

Alliance of Musicians & Performers

The AMPband Team AMPband is a Membership Organisation supporting Musicians, Singers & Bands across the UK where benefits include:
£10m Musician Public Liability Insurance, Member Discounts, Free Web Hosting, Extra Client Enquiries, Advice & Support plus much more - all from just £49 a year.

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How Much Does It Cost?

AMPband membership fees are based on the number of performers & road/support crew in the Act/Band: How much is membership of AMPband?
Soloist £49   4 or 5 members £69   
Duo £49   6 - 10 members £79
Trio £59   11 - 16 members £89
These prices are fully inclusive for the Act (eg one payment of £69 will cover a full band of up to 5 members) and it includes free £10m Musicians Public Liability Insurance for a full year.
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Need PLI Fast?

Registration to AMPband is instant and all the benefits, including free £10m PLI cover, are available as soon as payment has been made.

A certificate of cover is provided in your members area as soon as your membership is activated (usually within seconds after payment).

You can print off or save your certificate as a PDF to show venues & clients.

£10 million PLI

Our Public Liability Insurance is underwritten by a consortium led by ArgoGlobal SE and it covers you worldwide too!

Benefits of AMPband membership include:

• £10m Public Liability Insurance Cover*
• £250,000 Legal Cover
• £10m Product Liability Cover
• Client Enquiries for Jobs
• Sample Risk Assessments
• Sample Booking Forms
• Discounts
• Member Support
• Covers Full Band
• Easy to Join
• Instant PLI Cover
• Generous Renewal Discounts for Recommending Us

*PLI Cover includes:

• Sale of Merchandise
• Overseas Tours

Exemption to Membership

Annual income (from insured activities)  must not exceed £85,000

What Our Members Say

"I'm really happy with ampband membership. The website comes across as very friendly and is easy to follow. It makes a refreshing change to come across a business that really wants to help musicians and performers. I would like to thank the entire ampband team for providing such a great service! Keep it up! "

 "I generally do a lot of research before committing to most things in this industry so was fully aware of the services you guys provide before signing up so I would say I'm getting what I expected which is great."

"In just converting 1 enquiry to a booking we are defo getting more than we expected! The real test will come if we ever have to use the Liability insurance I guess!"

Crazy Horses, East Yorkshire