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Do You Need to Bother with a Contract?

Contracts & PaperworkContracts and Paperwork

Is this a paperless industry? Do you correspond by telephone alone? Do we really need pieces of paper floating around? Here we investigate the virtues of paperwork.


Whether you call it a contract, a booking form, a confirmation to supply services or something else, having a written agreement is essential to the smooth running of your band’s engagements.

Why Should You Have One?

It ensures you have the correct details of the booking, along with the contact information for your client. When the client signs this document, they are not only agreeing to your terms and conditions, but are also confirming that you have the correct details about the event or party. This could be a life saver (metaphorically speaking!) if the client starts a dispute with you about date, agreed times, venue or costs. From the client's point of view, it gives peace of mind. It also portrays you as an organised business person and a professional.

What Should It Contain?

All contact details for both yourself and the client need to be included, such as name, email, address and phone number. Event details should be outlined such as the name of the venue, address, type of event, date (including the day, month and year), times, number of guests, timings of sets and breaks etc.

Fees and pricing structure need setting out. This should include a time limit for when the contract needs to be returned with the deposit/booking fee and when the balance needs to be paid, whether it is before the event or on the night. Also include payment details such as the name that cheques should be made payable to, on-line account information or credit card methods.
Ideally, your terms and conditions should be printed on your contract.

What Should You Do With It?

You need to have two copies, signed by both parties. Return one copy to your client for them to keep for their records and retain the other for yourself. It is also essential that you take your copy to the event for reference should the need arise. After the function....keep it!

Can You Live Without It?

For many functions you probably could, then there comes along a client who has confused the name of the venue with another. You turn up to the one they told you on the phone. Unfortunately, the client would never admit they had made a mistake, but if it is written on the contract there's no dispute. Or the client who decides they aren't going to pay what you agreed on the phone. Without a signed contract, there is little you can do about it and you could have provided free entertainment! There are also many discerning clients who need that extra sense of trust and commitment that a contract provides and are more likely to choose a band that offers this.

What Else Do I Need?

Having Public Liability Insurance cover whilst performing will also help with your 'Peace of Mind' ... Click Here for an Instant Quote. Sample Booking Forms and Planners are also available from the members area.

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